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unable to regiter dll

first post: kyriakos70 wrote: Hello,I was unable to register the regsvr32 C:\windows\system32\Mic...


first post: Brian_Maynard wrote: Hi,How would you print in landscape?

latest post: gdhigbee wrote: printDocument.DefaultPageSettings.Landscape=true; HTH,Gary

Margin Problem

first post: laan82 wrote: Hi,I'm trying to change margin in the last version of your publishe...

latest post: gdhigbee wrote: I'm not the author of the control but I figured it out. You set the...

Can't build the Printing.DataGridViewPrint.DotNet2 project

first post: nicomp wrote: VS 2005, SP 2 I open the project, Printing.DataGridViewPrint.Do...

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